Water-tube Boilers

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Water-tube steam boilers can be fired via conventional fuels (Diesel, LPG or Natural Gas). However, the ever increasing cost of fossil fuels, these steam boilers can be manufactured to take a large range of alternate fuels like coal, wood or even agricultural waste.

The “D Type” design is well known for its efficiency and simplicity. This design utilises large radius tube bends and limits the required number of bends which reduces the stress on the tube and increases the unit life. All equipment is built to comply with Australian standards as well as being designed for ease of maintenance and repair.

Design Features & Advantages

  • D-Type Configuration
  • Furnace water wall cooling that eliminates the need for refractory
  • Thermal efficiencies above 85%
  • Thermal output from 1 M.W – 35 M.W
  • Large furnace heating area for increased thermal heat transfer
  • Large, water-cooled, gas-tight furnace areas
  • Proven Reliability
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Faster response to fluctuating steam demand
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