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Trilogy Boiler Group

Leaders in Boiler & Combustion Technology, with over 80 years’ experience

Trilogy Boiler Group is a privately owned Australian company with over 80 years+ experience in specialised Boiler & Burner installations, Service, breakdown & combustion technologies.

At Trilogy Boiler Group we strive to give our customers superior quality, service & ensure a positive experience.

Our office and workshop facilities located in Sydney’s Western Suburbs are equipped with the latest technology, enabling Trilogy Boiler Group to complete major projects on-time and providing a world class product. Our industry accredited staff are fully compliant with best work practices.

Extensive knowledge across the industry

Working with industry leading companies to Maximise Efficiency within the Steam, Hot water, Burner & combustion sector

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Our team has over 80+ years’ experience within the Boiler & combustion industry, all of our technical staff are Licensed & trained to ensure our clients requirements are always met.
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Frequently Asked Questions
TDS is an abbreviation (Total Dissolved Solids) When a boiler generates steam, impurities in the feed water will concentrate in the boiler water as these do not boil off with the steam. When the concentration of impurities becomes higher, foam is generated and the volume of the boiling water starts to increase. As a result - low quality wet steam will be generated & It can also cause increased scale formation or deposition on the tube surface, which act as a resistance in transferring heat from flue gases to the water, which further leads to overheating of the tubes.
We would recommend an energy efficiency audit that would consist of measuring actual efficiencies of the current Boiler and steam system as there are an array of energy saving options available some of which can be eligible for government funding, some of the eligible items are Economiser’s, Air: Fuel Ratio control, Automatic TDS control, VSD’s for pumps & Fans, Burner upgrade, Blowdown heat recovery.
Yes it is a legal requirement to have Boilers serviced. In AS2593 there is a table with the required service intervals required for Boilers of all Types & sizes, please contact us if you need assistance with this information.
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